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A Happy Holiday in A Traditional Color Palette

Christmas is officially less than 15 days away, and I, for one, am ready for it. Between all of the traditions and the lights and decorations, it is hard not to get swept up with in the holiday fever. And after the debacle that was 2020, it seems that holiday parties and gatherings are back, which is another reason to get excited for this time of year.

When it comes to holiday decor and tablescapes for holiday get-togethers, I love to fully embrace the season with bouquets and centerpieces of reds, greens and golds. While the color palette may be traditional, the flowers and arrangements can vary from the expected to a more modern translation of the palette. Evergreen greenery, frosted pinecones, red hypericum berries, gold ting, rich red spray roses and carnations along with deep red roses are traditional holiday flower choices that when used to create a garland or in white birch vessels offer a rustic and traditional expression of the color palette. Mixed greenery with red ranunculus, tulips and roses in a glass vase with simple gold accents is a delicate translation of the same color scheme.

If you change the vessel chosen for an arrangement, it will alter its style. For example, placing the above arrangements in a gold mercury glass compote will elevate them and alter how the exact same flowers are perceived. Or if you break the elements down into bud vases, you will get an entirely different vibe that is far less traditional despite it being the expected color palette choice for the season.

Well, after essentially putting the holidays on hold last year thanks to the debacle that was 2020, let's embrace the holiday season together in all of its glory with its traditional shades of red and green. And who can resist the allure of shiny or glittery golden accents? Certainly not me!

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