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Flower of the Month: April: Sweet Pea

This month, we will focus on the gorgeous flower, the Sweet Pea. Sweet peas have ruffled butterfly shaped petals in hues ranging from purple to peach to white. They add wonderful texture and a sense of visual softness to any arrangement or bouquet. Sweet peas also have an amazing smell. In fact, it is widely considered to be one of the best smelling flowers. It is so well loved that companies, such as Bath and Bodyworks, have created entire skin care and fragrance lines devoted to it.

I love to use sweet peas to add floaty texture and airiness to both table arrangements and bouquets. Sweet peas instantly balance a lush arrangement with a visual lightness and a sense of movement. One beautiful combination is to combine sweet peas with other delicate flowers such as roses, peonies, ranunculus and scabiosa. By embracing the ruffly textures of the flowers, the chosen colors meld together to create a garden style arrangement.

Another way to use sweet peas is in a single bloom flower arrangement. You can choose to either embrace the variety of soft hues to create an arrangement that looks reminiscent of a watercolor painting or to go more classic with a monochromatic color scheme. Either variation adds softness and an aura of romance to a room.

With proper care and handling, sweet peas can live for 5 to 10 days in a vase. They prefer clean water, so changing their water and recutting the stems every day will prolong their freshness. Adding flower food with each water change will also keep them alive for longer.

Sweet peas mean blissful pleasure and thank you. Between their meanings, their delicate blossoms and amazing smell, it is no wonder that sweet peas are often used in all kinds of events from elegant dinner parties to grand weddings.

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