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Let's Party: Baby Shower

Updated: May 13, 2022

It seems like there is a real baby boom happening these days. Everywhere I turn, there is a beautiful, glowing, and (to be realistic given the 90 degree heatwave we are having) most likely slightly uncomfortable mother to be. An expecting mom has so much to look forward to from the big, epic moment she gets to meet her baby to the small things of unpacking the cute onesies that will fill his/her closet. One of things she is probably genuinely excited about is the baby shower. It's a chance for her to gather with friends and family to celebrate the impending arrival of her squishy little love bug(s) before her world is changed forever.

To be honest, I love pretty much any party, but one of my favorite types is the baby shower. Now, don't get me wrong. I could pass on the awkward games where they make you pin the baby name on the belly or some such thing. But the decor and those adorable pint sized gifts? Yes, please. And baby showers are where we really get to embrace cute themes that other more serious events do not. Sometimes, they reflect the gender of the impending arrival. Other times, they lean toward designs similar to what one would find in a nursery. Integrating florals into a baby shower is really a no brainer.

Creating centerpieces that align with the host's vision can be as simple as centerpieces in pastel shades with plenty of texture or creating favors for the guests using floral place settings. It can also be far more elaborate with large elevated arrangements placed throughout the space, blooms and greenery surrounding any signage, a dedicated photo area with backdrop and floral arches, and statement florals drawing the eye to a focal area, such as where gifts will be opened or the dessert table.

Whether you decide to keep it simple or to go big with the party, flower arrangements are a beautiful design element that enhance not only the space but also the theme when one is chosen.

There is always a reason to honor a new life coming in to this world, but it is extra special when you also get to celebrate the woman (or couple) whose life is about to be forever changed.

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