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Let's Party: Thanksgiving Dinner

Two weeks from today, family and friends will gather around the table together for Thanksgiving. They will talk, laugh and probably have disagreements over current affairs, shared family memories and who gets the last bite of stuffing (because let's be honest...the stuffing is the best part of the Thanksgiving meal). Being with family and friends, when you are fortunate enough to do so, is the main highlight of Thanksgiving. The second is most definitely the food and the third is the ambiance. And of course as a florist, I heavily believe that one of the most impactful way to add style to any gathering is the use of floral arrangements, and Thanksgiving is no different.

If your table is laden with different large dishes of the various parts of a traditional Thanksgiving meal, the last thing you probably want is a giant floral arrangement added to the mix. No one wants unexpected greenery from a centerpiece hanging over a plate filled with food. Instead, a light garland of greenery interspersed with roses and chrysanthemums weaving around the platters will ensure plenty of space for the star of the show... food. A seated Thanksgiving meal, also allows you to set the table ahead of time. Small bits of greenery, mini pumpkins, or even mini pine cones artfully arranged on place settings adds additional style to your Thanksgiving table.

If your Thanksgiving is served in a buffet style, there is more creative freedom to be had with the floral arrangements. Either a long low floral centerpiece spanning the length of the table or several smaller arrangements placed on tables is equally well suited for buffet style Thanksgiving feasts.

As far as color palettes go, there are many options from which to choose. An autumnal color palette of reds, oranges and yellows for your centerpieces is lovely and traditional. You can choose to go with a tonal arrangement of various neutral colors to allow the textures and colors of the meal to be the focus. Or one of my favorites is to have a little fun and choose flowers in the deep reds, plums, lavender and dark greens. The hues complement the fall season while creating a moodier and trendier aesthetic.

Regardless of how you choose to serve your Thanksgiving meal, floral arrangements will add an extra bit of oomph of seasonal decor to your gathering. One last piece of floral advice as it relates to Thanksgiving dinner parties though: avoid heavily scented flowers such as lilies. These will compete with the smell of the yummy food in unexpected and possibly off-putting ways. Other than that...have fun, wear stretchy pants and enjoy the feast.

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