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Let's Party: Milestone Birthday Bashes for Grown Ups

There are some birthdays, typically the ones that end in a zero, that hit harder and should be celebrated for the milestones they represent. I should know as I, myself, am closing in on the big 4-0. Anyway, I firmly believe that everyone deserves to celebrate their birthday however they see fit. It could be a small gathering of close friends sitting around a table laughing about shenanigans of years past, a chic cocktail party on a rooftop terrace, or a fun and silly costume party. It really doesn't matter as long as the guest of honor is having fun.

Now what should one do about flowers for such an event? Because there is such diversity in the ways in which adults choose to celebrate either their own or their loved one's birthdays, any floral recommendations would be entirely event dependent.

For example, if someone called me up one day to ask about flowers for a 50th birthday dinner party, I might suggest a low arrangement that spans the length of the table. This will allow guests to enjoy the sight and smell of the flowers while still allowing conversation to flow. Depending on the time of year, I would capitalize on seasonal blooms while still interspersing the classic garden roses and lisianthus.

However, if another person sent an inquiry for a fabulous over the top 30th birthday party at a rooftop venue, I would recommend small arrangements of vibrant statement making blooms placed on high top tables, and depending upon budget, obviously, at least one coordinating statement piece to draw the guests in to the physical party space. Floral designs should blend seamlessly with both the party setting and style.

Regardless of where your big birthday bash is thrown or how you decide to party, the point is really to celebrate and reflect upon the life lived thus far as well as to look forward to all that you hope for in the future. And a milestone birthday is definitely a good reason to just let go and have a darn good time!

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