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Embracing the Natural Colors of Fall

Now that it is mid-October, it seems that Autumn has finally crept its way into Illinois, albeit slowly. There is a slight chill to the morning air. Football mania is in full swing, and the Bears even having a winning record. Go Bears! Pumpkin patches are full of families trying to get just one good picture before the wheels fall off. And all around us, the leaves are beginning to transform into a riot of color from fiery red to sunshine yellows.

As we embrace Fall, it only seems natural that our color palettes shift. From our clothing to our floral arrangements, we often find ourselves instinctively moving away from the bright and bold hues of summer and transitioning to richer colors that mimic the natural world around us. We embrace various shades of oranges, reds and golden yellows as if we are trying to bring those fiery leaves directly into our home.

Fall Color Palette and Mood Board

In Fall, one of my favorite palettes to work with is exactly that: a gradient transition from maroon to gold. The rich reds playing off of fiery oranges and yellows within the vase mimic what the leaves are doing just outside of our windows. Within this color palette, arrangements can range from traditional to more modern depending on the flowers chosen, the vessels and the way in which they are arranged. A traditional floral arrangement could be a round centerpiece with the various colors mixed together thereby creating depth and imitating the fallen leaves on the ground.

Fall Floral Arrangement in red, orange, and yellow

Meanwhile, a modern arrangement could be use either a long vessel or multiple smaller vases. The flowers would then be added in an ombre design with the addition of some dried pampas grasses and other airy greenery. Regardless of whether you choose to use this color palette in a traditional or modern way, the end result will feel like you have brought Fall, itself, indoors.

Reds, oranges and golds are quintessential Fall colors. Their saturated hues, when used with one another, really capture the harvest time feel of the season. Therefore, it stands to reason that we would use this combination in floral arrangements throughout the season.

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